Terms of participation in the project
By participating in the International Exhibition Project "VICTORIES OF RUSSIA", you agree to the following conditions and guarantee to the Organizing Committee and the organizer of the exhibition NextArt Co Ltd/NextArt Global Art Agency that all registration information that you provide is true, accurate and:

The exhibition is open to artists 18 years or older, whose use by the Org.Committee and NextArt Co Ltd / NextArt Global Art Agency does not violate and will not violate any applicable laws or regulations, or any agreement to which they are a party.

All the images that you will represent are images of original works of art created independently or are works of art created by an artist who authorized you to present images from his / her name. Images submitted by you do not violate the rights to privacy, publicity, copyright or other intellectual property rights of any individual or legal entity. You may not create, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks or other proprietary information without the prior written consent of the owner of such ownership. In accordance with this, the Org.Committee has the right to terminate all relations with any artist who violates copyright, if a notice of a violation is received from the owner of copyright or the lawyer of the copyright holder.
Piece of art
You agree that the work of art that will be sent to you by the Org.Committee to participate in the exhibition will not include material that is pornographic, sexually explicit, violent and / or racist.
The works sent to the Org.Committee will be presented to the members of the Expert Council, each of whom will make their opinion on the submitted works and select those works. which, in his opinion, most deserve encouragement from the professional community. The member of the Expert Council will confirm his choice with a letter to the Org.Committee. Based on the submitted examinations, a shortlist of works will be compiled that can be nominated as «Russian Victoriesl».

Application forms
There are three forms of participation:
1) Personal partiсipation: you visit Moscow and bring artwork in person.
2) Artwork partiсipation: you ship artwork, we exhibit
3) Art print participation: you send file, we print and exhibit
The forms of participation have equal rights. All works are exhibited in the Moscow House of Artists and judged by the jury.
Sale of works of art
Structure of the commission of the Org.Committee 90/10: the artist receives 90% of the list / retail price and the organizing committee receives 10% of the list / retail price. In addition, 15% of the received quota of the organizing committee, obtained from the sale of works from the exhibition will be sent to charitable organizations.
Using images
We will have the right to publish images of your works of art, on our websites and other advertising channels for the subsequent promotion of this exhibition and your works of art.

We’re saving copy of your work
By uploading your work of art, you authorize us to save images of such a loaded work of art in our system until the end of the exhibition. You also allow us to save such images after the end of the exhibition. We save these images so that you can easily submit them to other projects in the future. At any time, after the completion of the exhibition, you can send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request that we remove such images. We will confirm receipt of the letter and your images will be deleted within 10 working days after we receive your confirmation.
Professional Categories
Anyone over the age of 18, who creates artworks in one of the nominated Art styles and allowed techniques and approved by the Organizing Committee, as well as by the Expert Council, is eligible to participate in the exhibition.
You agree that all fees associated with participation in the exhibition are non-refundable.
Confirmations and Awards
At the end of the exhibition, all participants receive the participant's diplomas. The sending of diplomas is carried out electronically. The cost of the organizational fee includes the sending of diplomas in electronic form. If the author wants the organizing committee to send a letter with a notification, then it is necessary to make a request to the organizing committee and pay the expenses (a track will be sent to control the passage of the letter with the diploma).
Author's Signs and Signatures
A signature, stamp or any other authentication mark of authorship anywhere in the photo is allowed. In the future, images are published with author's distinctive signs. The inscriptions with the names of art objects on the front side are not allowed.

The author's consent to the processing of personal data and the newsletter
Participating in the exhibition, the author agrees to the processing of personal data by the Org.Committee and the inclusion of his phone and e-mail in free newsletters announcing the holding of exhibitions, conferences and competitions organized by NextArt Co Ltd / NextArt Global Art Agency in Russia and abroad.
In the case of the author's desire not to realize this free service, the Author must inform the Organizing Committee in any of these ways: a) by sending a request to exclude your phone and / or e-mail to the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. b) sending an SMS request to exclude your phone and / or e-mail on your mobile phone: + 7-925-0537000.